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Why Nepal
Why Nepal
Do you believe in gods? Yes that almighty, people believe who has created this beautiful universe and is invisible. You might have visited church, temples, gumbas or masjids and kneel down in front of the statue of almighty wishing for prosperity. Let me take you to a part of world where you can bow in front of the living goddess, yes Kumari, the living goddess of Nepal.

Naturally blessed and enriched culturally, Nepal is a country that can fulfill your intense desire of adventure. Nepal can present itself according to the demand of tourist for what you want to travel either that is religious, adventurous or historical. Previously known as Hindu kingdom, Nepal is a holy land for hindus. Pasupatinath, temple of lord Shiva, is enlisted as UNESCO?s world heritage site. Lumbini lies in Nepal where lord Buddha was born. Regarded as light of Asia, lord Buddha is known for his acquaintance about peace, love and brotherhood.

With around 125 ethnic groups, Nepal is prosperous with traditional and cultural aspects. It is believe that there are more than 365 festivals (more than days in a year) celebrated in Nepal in different days. Kathmandu valley, the core for art, culture and handicraft consists of three durbar squares namely Basantapur, Patan and Bhaktapur, which are the center of tourist attraction. Enlisted as UNESCO?s world heritage site, Durbar Square is the pledge of Malla dynasty reflecting their skills on arts and craft. One can lose their presence from the entire world if you tried to figure out how those art crafts were made possible during the medieval period. Jatras and Lakhe dance could make you feel like your single penny spent in Nepal is worthy.

Cold, clear as crystal, rustling through the rocky mountains flows the purity of Himalayas. Famous for rafting and kayaking, rivers of Nepal have added beauty to its surrounding greenery. With the diversified geography Nepal has plain land to world?s highest peaks Mt. Everest. Eight out of ten highest peaks in the world, snowcapped, reflects the morning sunshine that can melt down your heart into Brie(queen of cheese). You can conquer those peaks listening to the mysterious story of yetis from Sherpa, the heroes of Himalayas. Trekking, rock climbing, zip fliers, bungees and many more, a perfect bucket list for tourist is Nepal. Annapurna Trek Circuit, known as the best trek route in the world, not only provide you with the natural beauty but also with the generous hospitality on the ways with the main theme ? Atethi devo vawa? (i.e Guest are gods).

Green dense forest searching for Bengal tigers and one horned rhino enjoying the elephant ride is the specialty of Chitwan national park. Staying at local resorts enjoying tharu cultural performances and local food really make you forget all the tried full journey.Also known as city of lakes, hospitality and gateway to world?s best trekking routes, Pokhara, the queen of cities provide you the panoramic view of Machapuchhre from your bedside window.

Words are not enough to describe the beauty of Nepal. Come, feel and experience. In one sentence, Nepal with natural beauty, adventurous destination, enriched culturally and flourished with hospitality could be a perfect bucket list for travellers. Those who have already visited Nepal also do visit frequently because #Naturally Nepal once not enough.


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