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The travel industry worried that COVID-19 pandemic may result in the death of businesses
The travel industry worried that COVID-19 pandemic may result in the death of businesses
As Nepal Government continued lock-down, numerous organizations dread that not opening the sector may make their organizations close forever.

However, the industry will remain closed for business when the nation commences with extra lock-down.

A large number of the hoteliers and travel offices needed to retrench of their staff because of the monetary strain on their business.

"These are very extremely tough times. It disheartens to hear that there are numerous restaurants, small hotels and B&B's that won't be opening again. The tourism industry is crashing, and the government doesn't appear to stress over it. The travel industry is one of the biggest income earners for the nation, but then, there is no assistance for tourism sector"

No one is sure when this is going to end, however The travel industry segment will get past this and should get the pieces and modify their business." The conclusion of the movement business influenced organizations adversely.

Hoteliers and travel agencies haven't been able to pay salaries for the past two months due to the lock-down. For the sector, it means people will be laid off, and other business overheads like insurance and rent wonít be paid. They are creating a big hole for businesses, which they may not rise from.

"Income has been a battle. If this continues, the tourism industry business may need to consider closing for all time

Many tour guides underpins the administration's decision to not open the division until it is protected to do as such. With the cases rising, we can't expect for the travel industry to open without appropriate measures in the travel industry.


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