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Epidemic hits business around national parks
Epidemic hits business around national parks
April / May is a good time to visit Bardiya National Park for wildlife observation. Last year, tourists used to flock here in this season. Travel companies and nature guides used to get busy to take tourists around the park. Tourist gets happy by doing jeep safaris, elephant safaris, and jungle walk for observation of wildlife. During this season most of the tourists visiting the park could easily see wildlife including tigers, rhinos and elephants.

But at the moment the tourist area Thakurdwara is deserted. The national park gate is locked. There are no tourists. The park has stopped all activities including jungle walk, jeep safari and elephant safari. Lock-down has stopped all activities related to tourism and only regular internal work has been resumed. Tourists have been waiting for this season to visit the park. With the onset of the season, tourism professionals have also come up with attractive packages. But the Corona epidemic has reduced all activities of tourism entrepreneurs to zero.

There are about 30 hotels and resorts for tourists. Hotels and resorts that are used to be full of tourists are deserted at this time. About 300 employees have lost their jobs after the hotel gets closed. Nature guides are limited to hotel rooms. The tourism investor who have invested crores of rupees in the tourism business are more worried at this time. They are worried about how to pay the bank interest and installments.

The global Corona crisis has brought down the tourism business. This is not a two-month crisis. This will hit the tourism business in two or three years. After the establishment of a stable government in the country, the tourism business was flourishing here. Resorts that were closed in the past had also come into operation for a few years. Some new ones have also been added. But the epidemic of the corona virus has again hit the tourism business hard.

The highest revenue get collected during the month of April and May by the Bardiya National Park but now it's zero.


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