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Planning for Nepal, know the rules and laws

If you are planning for Nepal, then this article can be useful for you. Nepal is the ideal destination for adventurers and culture vultures.
The travel industry worried that COVID-19 pandemic may result in the death of businesses

Income has been a battle. If this continues, the tourism industry business may need to consider closing for all time. No one is sure when this is going to end.
Epidemic hits business around national parks

About 300 employees have lost their jobs after the hotel gets closed. Nature guides are limited to hotel rooms.
Travelling for the first time! This is the perfect list for your overseas travel belongings
Double loss in mountain tourism, debate on alternatives is necessary

Domestic tourists do not use guides and porters (except for slander), so it is certain that mountain tourism workers will be unemployed in the next few years.
Why Nepal

Do you believe in gods? Yes that almighty, people believe who has created this beautiful universe and is invisible. You might have visited church, temples, gumb

They say Nepal is blessed with beauty; the enchanting natural beauty. Forest, rivers and snow-capped mountains are few of the things Nepal is famous for.


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